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Super Ultra Freebie Vector Pack Deluxe, Volume I
License: For use in personal and commercial projects

Super Ultra Freebie Vector Pack Deluxe, Volume I

Author: Mr. Vector
Added On: 9/15/09
Category: Complete,Detailed,Elements
Formats: eps

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A little info on this Vector:

The holidays are upon us and we have just the thing for that hard to buy for Tee Designer/Enthusiast on your shopping list:

A vector pack of useful graphical morsels. It just warms the cockles of my heart thinking about it.

But what’s a good vector pack without a few additional goodies?

You get a shnazzy Mr. Vector logo with every download. (No sharp edges for your little ones to hurt themselves on, we promise.) More than that, you get to hear from Mr. Vector himself, the defender of Apparelville.

But the cheesiness doesn’t stop there folks, because this plug isn’t done yet.

You also get an overly large name for this great Vector Pack. We are proud to present (deep breath)… Super Ultra Freebie Vector Pack Deluxe, Volume I.

Oh, I know what you are thinking, “How could I afford all this awesomeness?” Well fret no longer. Due to the charitable giving of the PCT for Hope foundation, you can get all of this great stuff absolutely free. Yep, take a minute to let that soak in. FREEEEEEEEE!

How can you get started? Well, first you will need to download this vector pack of awesomeness (too bad we already named it or that would have been a great name) and then in the spirit of giving, we hope that you will give us some feedback so we can make more of these packs and so that we can make them better and better.

The SUFVPDV1 (Nice Acronym huh?) consists of mostly random vector images rolled into a happy little package which is in .eps format for all your importing needs.

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